General Info


Smoking is not permitted at the Congress facilities. The City of Vancouver has public health regulations that prevent smoking in public buildings, on public transport and in ALL restaurants. Certain bars have designated smoking areas.

Liquor Laws

In British Columbia, the legal drinking age is 19; bars and restaurants are open from 11:00 to 04:00. In BC, there are stiff penalties for drinking and driving.

Information For People With Disabilities

204-456 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Y 1R3
Tel: 604 875 0188
Fax: 604 875 9227

Vancouver is one of the most accessible cities in the world for people with physical disabilities. For more information on local transportation, restaurants, hotels and other issues related to your stay in Vancouver, contact:

The British Columbia Coalition of People with Disabilities

For Your Budget

Typical costs for meals in restaurants and hotels in Canadian dollars are:

Breakfast – $8 – $12 plus tax
Lunch – $10 – $15 plus tax
Dinner – $20 – $25 plus tax
Wines, beer and spirits – approximately $4 – $7 per serving

Sales Tax and Tipping

Tips or gratuities are not typically added to a bill in Canada. In general, a tip of 15% of the total amount is considered to be a suitable gratuity. This applies to waiters, waitresses and taxi drivers. At hotels and airports, doormen and porters are generally offered $1 per item of luggage.


A provincial tax of 7.5% is charged on the majority of items purchased. An additional Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 7% is charged on most items and services, (10% on alcoholic beverages); accommodation tax is 8%. Visitors to Canada are eligible to participate in the Canada Tax Back Program which allows you to claim the 7% GST (Good and Services Tax). You may claim the rebate on most of your purchases after your visit.

Official Rental Car Company

Please contact Avis at 1-800-331-1600 or online at to reserve your car. When contacting Avis, please use the following Avis World Wide Discount number: J790196. Rates are available from $38.99 to $65.99. The attendee must use the assigned Meeting Avis Discount Number and meet Avis rate requirements in order to receive the discount. Rates do not include any local surcharges, taxes and optional coverage or gas refuelling charges. Renter must meet Avis’ age, driver and credit requirements. Car rentals are available for pickup at the Vancouver International Airport.